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Транспорт Tour has 2 components: by bus and walking tour 
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City tour in Tallinn with Viimsi peninsula
Описание экскурсии

Tallinn is very beautiful city with a lot of parks and forest massive. 

Tallinn looks like a bird with 2 wings. Eastern wing is occupied by  district Pirita  district and Viimsi parish, which takes peninsula of the same name.

Viimsi as a settlement was founded 1000s years ago by brave local seamen and traders. Viimsi is interesting by its mast spruce forest and picturesque sea line. Driving 15 minutes fr om city centre we find ourselves in real fairy-tale. Viimsi is proud of its picturesque seacoast and mast dark spruce forest. 

Going deeper to Viimsi parish, we find sweet open air museum of locals, made in the base of  settlement of 1830s. We buy entrance tickets and go to interesting brief excursion. After it, we have a coffee-break at cafe in the overturned boat and enjoy view on Old Town, called "view on can of sprats".

In soviet period in Viimsi there was one of the richest kolkhoz of USSR. Its chief did not take vacation for first 14 years and made his kolkhoz to be millionaire. We remember its history too.

Then we will go around Pirita, called "lungs" of Tallinn. In the deep forest we find sweet private sector, which neighbours main sights of Pirita - baltic german classic style manors, convent of 1400s, soviet style TV-tower and botanical garden. All these objects will be attentively seen by us. 

Then we take a stop at Pirita beach and speak of Olympic village, where we held Olympic Regatta of 1980. I swear, there are a lot of humoured stories about regatta preparation to tell you.

Next stops:  

Song Festival Ground, included in UNESCO intangible list. It is a symbol of national unity.
Kadriorg park - summer residence of Russian emperors. During the half an hour walking tour we will see Kadriorg palace, KUMU art museum, french style garden. 

After bus tour of Tallinn seashore we will take direction to Old town. 

Walking tour in Old Town takes 2 hours. We will pass by narrow pavement near gothic dwellings of 1400s, medieval churches, the oldest in Europe Town Hall and Town Hall Pharmacy. The climax of the tour are viewing platforms, wh ere we enjoy whole Old Town from height. 

Old Town is our proud, no doubt. It is totally included in UNESCO heritage list.

After the tour I recommend good cafes, souvenir shops, museums to visit. 


5 hours
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Tickets to Viimsi Open air museum
Tickets to TV tower
Coffee-break in cafe in overturned boat
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