1549 Экскурсии
в 416 городах и 68 странах
Имя Гида Roman Artamonov
Транспорт Active tour. At the moors we have to walk almost 3km. 
Take bottle of water, comfortable shoes, money in cash, umbrella or raincoat
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от 200 EUR
Lahemaa - the most impressive national park in Estonia
Описание экскурсии
Dear travellers! 

I invite to explore Estonian countryside. 

Estonia is a unique country, indeed. It wonders by untouched and varied nature. 

That is why Estonia is called "northern Amazonia".

Let us drive to Lahemaa - national park, situated in the picturesque northern seaside.

Lahemaa is the biggest and oldest park in Estonia.

Lahemaa is translated as “land of bays”, where deep bays adjoin sharp peninsulas.

Lahemaa includes flavoured coniferous wood, full of berries and mushrooms,  moors – time capsules, where plants-carnivores inhabit.


  Before reaching Lahemaa park, there are a lot to show you. Leaving Tallinn through soviet block of flats, we make a stop at old burials, made as spirals – symbol of Sun. Burial place in Rabala is the oldest monument of sedentary in Estonia, date back to 1 century BC. 

Then we visit the widest waterfall on the river Jagala as the place of romanticists and fishermen.  

 And 30 minutes later we find ourselves in Lahemaa national park – the biggest and the oldest in the whole USSR.

First of all we make trip into moorland by wooden path and go to so deep places, where elks cannot go through. If we are lucky, we pick some cloudberry.

Then we go to the captain village Kasmu of 15th century. It is named in the honour of Danish captain Kasper, who survived after shipwreck, built a chapel and established a village. Kasmu bay is so deep, as its history. Guided by the real successor of captain we visit marine museum and can sail to “devil isle” by old Viking boat. He used to joke, that Kasmu captain seemed to be women village…

 Next we go for lunch to old tavern of old fishing village Altja, where we try bean soup and fried potato covers with sunflower oil.  On the seacoast there have been fishermen villages, full of houses with grey reed roofs. For many yearsmain business of locals was spirit contraband to Finland.

But it is better to admire huge boulders of 10m height, under which cranes nested. They say, cranes carry infants. Coming closer to boulders, we remember some sweet stories.

But Lahemaa has not only ancient fishing villages and moors but rich noblemen manors as well. We have 30 minutes stop in Sagadi manor of 1400s and explore french style park and pond of infinity shape. Forest museum, occupying previous cattle yard is worth to visit. Besides seeing models of animals of the park you can buy local souvenirs from wood. Every souvenir has a special mark, by which you understand, that it was made from legally cut tree.


Apogee of our journey will be Palmse manor, having been owned by the respected family of Palen. It is better to see by your own eyes… 

After the tour over picturesque French style park we come back home… with the strong wish to come to Lahemaa again.

9 hour
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Место начала:at your hotel
Маршрут: Tallinn
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