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Имя Гида Roman Artamonov
Транспорт Active tour with walking more 500m
Vast amount of tour goes in the bus
During the tour we have 3 stops 
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Tour to Estonian countryside to waterfalls and manors
Описание экскурсии

Estonia is not large, but very diversified country. Having time, it is interesting to drive out of Tallinn to explore countryside and enjoy local nature.  Our nature is very varied: on the small piece of land you find hills, lakes, moorlands, pastures and waterfalls. Waterfalls are not numerous, but we, locals, are fond of spending summertime there and swim in river nearby.

During the tour I would like to show you 2 rather different waterfalls and some more else. 
We start excursion at the Tallinn centre and drive east. We pass through Lasnamae -  the biggest and the most populated city district of soviet block of flats. Main showplace here is the canyon in flagstone plato, in which there is made a city highway. 

Leaving Tallinn we make a stop at stone burials of ancient Estonians. They are considered to be first monuments of sedentary and dated back to 1st century BC. These burials are made in spiral, symbol of sun. God of Sun was the main ancient God. Even after death locals idolised the sun.
Then we reach waterfall in river Jagala, lovely place among romantics and fishermen. 
It is the widest waterfall in Baltic states, situated at one of the longest rivers in Estonia. On river Jagala natural object adjoins to technogenic one - dam of HPS, where some soviet movies were filmed. 

Our next object is Kiiu castle, dated back to 1500s. Having been the smallest castle in Europe, it had never been conquered. It was well renovated in Soviet time, and open as cafe. Hospitable lady, director of cafe, treats you by local liquor «Kiiu torn» with homemade rhubarb pie. 

Final stop of our journey will be summer manor of director of Russian secret service Aleksandr fon Benkendorf, right hand and the most faithful servant to the emperor Nikolai 1. Nikolai 1 used to say: I can be changed by any person, but no one can change Benkendorf. 

B manor could boast to one of the most beautiful english parks, full of streams, benches and bridges. Every guest, to respect the lord, planted several trees. Among guests, coming to visit Benkendorf, was Russian emperor Nikolai1. It was happen in may 1833 for housewarming of B. That day Russian hymn «God, save the king» was firstly introduced to the emperor. 

We have a walking tour around the manor house, make a photo session at waterfall on river Keila and understand why it is considered as #1 stop among newlyweds. 

Main manor house is very well renovated and provided as a place for concerts and wedding events. But it is also a museum, where it is welcome to come and get acquainted with the type of local interiors. 

Discussing impressions of what we have seen, we come back to Tallinn soon!

5.5 hour
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Маршрут: Tallinn
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Tickets to house-museum of Benkendorf 8 euro/adult 5 euro/senior
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