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Имя Гида Roman Artamonov
Транспорт Private vehicle of tour guide Honda Accord 
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Tallinn city tour
Описание экскурсии

Tallinn is a diversified city. More of it, it is Estonia in miniature. Where else so intelligently neighbours Old Town and modern district «City», soviet block of flats and wooden baroque quarter. Nature is beautiful as well: reserved forest massive, lakes, bogs, seacoast, canyon and islands.

Tallinn has full of green zones, and for it, it has been titled as a «green capital» of Europe.
First of all we make a tour by car to feel the pulse of every day life. I show you what made an impulse for developing city, why it is convenient for living, how way Tallinn economy develops today, where locals work and like to spend free time. 
First of all, in Kadriorg - the biggest and the most popular park in Tallinn. Kadriorg was a real emperor manor, established by Peter1 as his Baltic residence.
In Kadriorg I welcome you to small Peter’s house - the oldest museum in Estonia. On the opposite we discover the newest art museum KUMU, awarded as the best museum in Europe of 2008. Near  we pass by «Pink House» - residence of President of Estonia.
But the main object of Kadriorg is a baroque Palace, served as residence of all Romanov emperor family. Nowadays it is taken as art museum again. 

Our next stop will be Song Festival Ground, included in intangible UNESCO heritage list. Song Festival is a symbol of people’s identity. Any time song helped us to overcome hard times.
During the tour we also see Pirita district as quite prestigious in Tallinn, ruins of Pirita convent, turned to local coliseum, Olympic village, where we held Olympic regatta of 1980, not miss romantic monument of mermaid and chimneysweep, symbol of Tallinn. Would you like to get some luck - just polish his button and… everything may happen.
After coffee break we continue the tour in Old Town by walk. 
Old Town has 2 parts: Upper Town, residence of viceroy, bishop, nobility and Lower Town, area of wealthy traders. 
We begin fr om Upper town. First of all we explore Toompea Castle, the biggest medieval object in Estonia. Nowadays, parliament houses it. On its dominant, Tall Hermann tower, every morning they erect Estonian flag with melody of state anthem.
We will see the biggest orthodox church in Estonia, then the oldest lutheran one in Estonia. It is possible to come inside for short excursion.  1 mln$ view of Tallinn will appear on the viewing platforms. Fr om where we see the whole Tallinn. No doubt, It is fantastic in any season.
Then we walk to Lower Town by Short leg street. We cannot miss medieval dwellings of 14-15th century, the oldest Town Hall and Pharmacy in Europe, lutheran Holy Spirit church and St Olaf church, having been the highest in the world.  
Walking by cozy cobblestone streets we will get acquainted with Tallinn history through interesting stories and legends.
Excursion always finishes in the Town Hall Square. After it, I will recommend wh ere to try traditional estonian food and drinks, what kind of souvenirs is worth to buy, wh ere to spend time with children, what museums to visit.
I advice to have coffee break with marzipan baton in the oldest cafe in Tallinn. 
It takes you 15 minutes of a slow walk to come back to the port by your own feet. If it is difficult for you, you may take a taxi.

4 hour
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Маршрут: Tallinn
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