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Old Town walking tour
Описание экскурсии

 Old Town - is a medieval flower, which attracts us by narrow gothic dwellings with weathervanes on it, cozy cobblestone streets, well-made fortress wall with beautiful towers.   Old Town, no doubt, is preserved quite well, and our proud to say it was totally included in UNESCO heritage list. 

Old Town has 2 parts: Lower Town - area of severe german gothic and Upper Town, full of noblemen classic houses.   

 During the tour I tell you, how way Tallinn got wealthy, by which it attracted invaders and resisted them. You will know why Tallinn was known as a «town of pepper and salt», and rich merchants were called «peppersacks», how estonians, local germans, and catholic monks communicated with each other.  

 We start the tour fr om Lower town, where we go through Great coastal Gates and Fat Margaret Stout - the most popular in Tallinn. Walking by cozy cobblestone streets we will get acquainted with Tallinn history through  interesting stories and legends. 

 We cannot miss medieval dwellings of 14-15th century, the oldest Town Hall and Pharmacy in Europe, St Olaf church, having been the highest in the world.  

Then we visit former Dominican monastery quarter, taken by women workshops of stain-glass blowers, chocolatiers, artists, doll-makers, weavers. It is welcome to climb fortress wall to observe Old Town entirely.   

Then we explore Upper Town - area of german crusaders (later - noblemen), viceroy and bishop. 

 We will see the biggest orthodox church in Estonia, then the oldest one in Estonia. Near it there is Toompea Castle staying, occupied by lords. Nowadays, parliament houses it.  

 The climax of the excursion is a visiting viewing platforms, from where it will be 1 mln$ view of  Tallinn. 

 Excursion always finishes in the Town Hall Square. After it, I will recommend wh ere to try traditional estonian food and drinks, what kind of souvenirs is worth to buy, wh ere to spend time with children, what museums to visit. 

It takes you 15 minutes of a slow walk to come back to the port by your own feet. If it is difficult for you, you may take a taxi. 

2 hour
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Маршрут: Tallinn
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